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 All submissions by: "BasuDip"

Folder CustomizerVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 3/12/2007Downloads: 4434
Customize the background picture for a folder, a theme application.

Secant method to approximate root of a functionVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 12/24/2006Views: 16440
Compute a root of a given equation (function of 1 variable) using Secant method. This is my second program on Methods of Numerical Analysis.

Solving a linear equation using Gauss EliminationVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 11/6/2006Downloads: 4422
The VB Program helps to solve 3 linear equations on 3 variables by Gauss Elimination method. The Program is helpful for beginners.

Triangle Information ViewerVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 7/21/2006Views: 8556
The program helps to compute the area of a triangle, radius of in-circle and circum-circle, and the type of the triangle. I recommend the program for VB learners.

A College Library Management SoftwareVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 7/10/2006Downloads: 18542
A simple Library management system using MS Access database.

Library Manager BETAVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 7/10/2004Downloads: 9915
This is a Library System, using Oracle Database in the backend. The project is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6. This project is very simple and easy. Please send me your comments, your inspiration is solicited.

Create Custom tooltipsVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 6/18/2004Downloads: 5309
Create Custom coloured baloon tooltips with this class file. Click on the command button, and move your mouse over the form window.
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