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 Home >> Links >> VB Vendors Client/Server:Hits: 3232
TCP/IP Network Programming Framework for Visual Basic 6. No more Winsock/Socket coding! Networking with just 1 line of code!

VBConversions:Hits: 2643
VB.Net to C# Converter with Over 99% Accuracy.

VBDepend:Hits: 485
VBDepend is a static analysis tool based on CQL that simplifies managing VBA/VB6 code quality and provides a highly flexible code query framework. 4342
Advanced coding utilities for VB and ASP developers. Includes a 60 page development whitepaper on enterprise and web development.

Westfaro Corporation:Hits: 3894
Makers of Kickstart, the rapid application development source code generator. Includes a built in scripting language and ERD tool to automate code generation. You can even compare database schemas. Supports Oracle, SQL Server, Access, and DB2. Generate code for any language including VB, C++, and Java.


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