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Instant C# VB.NET to C# Converter:Hits: 2628
Instant C# Standard Edition converts entire VB.NET projects or code snippets to elegant C#. Whether you're converting development to C# or you work in both VB.NET and C#, Instant C# will save you countless hours of painstaking effort. Instant C# converts all VB.NET syntax, including the most ambiguous and quirky aspects of VB.NET: named parameters, delegates & event handlers, optional arguments, cast macros, static local variables, multi-line statements, and array resizing. In addition to having an accuracy rate of over 99%, Instant C# converts over 22,000 lines per minute (tested on a 2GHz machine). Download the free demo to experience the completeness and accuracy of Instant C#.

Jabaco:Hits: 1179
Jabaco is a simple programming language with a BASIC like syntax that enables you to build powerful applications on the Java Framework.

LEADTOOLS Imaging Developer Toolkits:Hits: 4814
LEADTOOLS helps programmers integrate digital imaging technology into software applications and products quickly and easily. There are versions of LEADTOOLS for all major digital imaging categories including still frame color imaging, gray scale imaging, multimedia, document imaging, medical imaging, Internet imaging and vector imaging.

Nevron LLC - Professional Data Visualization:Hits: 2274
Nevron LLC released version 3.0 of Nevron Chart for .NET - a powerful charting component for the .NET framework. The component features a myriad of charting types, which can be displayed with stunning visual effects. It also provides many Windows Forms and ASP .NET specific enhancements like built-in User Interface components (Grid, Toolbar, Wizard etc.), Editors, automatic server configuration utility, designers and others that greatly simplify the development of full-featured charting applications. The clean and well-thought object model of the component dramatically reduces the learning time and further simplifies the development with Nevron Chart. To see the Online Demo go to: 3839
Dexter is an invaluable time saving Add-in providing automatic code completion for all Microsoft development environments including Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Visual InterDev, Visual J++ and .NET. Dexter is totally configurable and can be tailored to suit any programming style or desired layout. Dexter is available as a free software download. - useful shareware for programmers using Microsoft development tools.

ProGrammar Parser Development Toolkit:Hits: 3949
ProGrammar is a visual IDE that makes it easy to incorporate parsing into your Visual Basic applications - from extracting and converting text, to building compilers and interpreters. ProGrammar provides many example grammars; including Java, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL and HTML. Free 30-day trial.

Scalable Solutions Limited:Hits: 3746
Scalable Solutions offers expert VB advise and provides CodeGenie 2.0, a template driven code generator which can shaves hours off your programming time for applications using databases.

Shoutsoft COM Express:Hits: 3978
COM Express is a revolutionary tool for multi-tier application development. It offers a wonderful jumpstart for enterprise solution developers with great support on COM+, XML, SOAP, stored procedures and unlimited relation hierarchies.

SILOGIC QueryBuilder:Hits: 4272
Add custom query building capabalities to your apps in that same fashion as Microsoft Access/SQL 7 with the SILOGIC QueryBuilder ActiveX Component.

Teebo Software Solutions:Hits: 3459
ActiveX / COM Component Solutions.


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