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Andrea VB:Hits: 16033
Here's the code you're looking for! Tips and Tricks, Source Code, Printing and Programming Techniques, Advanced API Programming, NewsGroup and Free Downloads for Visual Basic.

Code Beach:Hits: 13398
Guide to free and open source code for ASP, C++, ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Palm, Perl, PHP, and Visual Basic.

CodeGuru:Hits: 18347
Excellent site consisting of many VB code resources.

CodeHoundHits: 14155
CodeHound is a powerful Internet search engine designed for Visual Basic developers. Search Web pages, Zip files, the Microsoft Knowledge Base, and more... 19088
Contains hundreds of free visual basic code snippets, modules, and applications -- and a discussion forum. All code is tested first. New code is added every day.

Source Code Provider:Hits: 960
This website contains source codes that I wrote in visual basic 6 and visual basic 2008 that can be useful to other programmers just like me. 16107
Fully searchable archive of over 1000 code snippets and files.



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