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Small database in access converting to visual basic


By ranjah - 8/28/2015

Hello All,

I would like to convert a program/database I have written in MS Access to visual basic.

Let me explain...

It is a small database that has 4 fields.

1. Case Number (a number with both numbers and or letters)

2. Entry Date (Enter Date the day you record an entry for e.g todays date 08/28/15)

3. Name

4. Notes (any kind of notes, information that can be written in that field)

reason for converting: This program needs to run on a PC that doesn't have MS office installed. Office will not be installed on this machine. Standalone visual basic application is an ideal solution.

Would like to see:

I would like to see the data gets saved after clicking save button or just simply exiting the program.

Would like to export this to excel spreadsheet.

I am very new to visual basic and struggling with it everyday.

I would appreciate any help.

By Joey - 9/1/2015

Not complicated. Create your interface in VB and copy your code from Access into VB. There are very few differences between VB and VBA Access code.