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Save DataSet as XML FileVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: KBaileySubmitted: 9/27/2003Views: 85556
This code shows how to save the contents of a DataSet as an XML File.

Read XML File into DataSetVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: KBaileySubmitted: 9/27/2003Views: 116576
Simple code to read the contents of an XML File into a DataSet and then binds it to a DataGrid.

Create & Consume a Web Service in VB.NETVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Bharat NagarajanSubmitted: 8/27/2003Downloads: 11734
This article shows how to create an XML Web Service and explains how to consume the Web Service in a VB.NET Client application.

XML in Datagrid: edit, delete, pagingVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Xun DingSubmitted: 8/5/2003Downloads: 11235
Display XML data in datagrid and apply common functions such as delete, edit and paging to the datagrid. Though there are a lot of similarities between a database-rendered datagrid and xml-rendered datagrid, different methods are used for updating or dele ...more>>

Creating an XML Web Service in ASP.NETVersion: ASP.NET 1.0
Author: Peter RileySubmitted: 7/26/2003Views: 16899
Create a simple XML web service that returns an employee name based on the employee ID provided by the consumer. Searches an Access database of employee records.

Flying Frank Circus (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: Nick PatemanSubmitted: 7/4/2003Downloads: 7694
Flying frank circus is an XML based scriptable animator. It allows you to make very simple animations, including sound that can be played using the included viewer. This is great for people wanting to learn XML as well as GDI+. Take a look at http://mem ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB6
Author: Miguel Angel JuarezSubmitted: 1/3/2003Downloads: 9061
With this code u can convert a XML file or XML String(text file) to a ADO Recordset, and u can convert an ADO Recordset to a XML file or XML String(text file). Very Important, u must create a ODBC connection called "XML" to connect to local database in Ac ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: UMESH DWIVEDISubmitted: 7/6/2002Downloads: 7343
This utility is used to copy any file to different location in the local area network. this utility keeps record of last added locations into the list.This application uses path.xml file to keep history of locations. This is very simple yet useful utilit ...more>>

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB6
Author: Vivek NigamSubmitted: 7/1/2002Downloads: 10100
Read Data from XML File through Visual Basic.

Untitled (click to download)Version: VB5
Author: Ahmad A. RahmanSubmitted: 5/29/2002Downloads: 9200
This sample demonstrate Client-Server application through SOAP protocol to get the data in a database which was transfered in XML format. It was also include the function to execute SQL statement on the database.

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