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Retail Store Automation, Departmental Store systemVersion: VB6
Author: Danish KanojiaSubmitted: 3/30/2010Downloads: 15152
Computerized system for a retail store having more than one department. The system will help the user by facilitating the billing, stock management and payroll etc...

Matrix screensaverVersion: VB6
Author: vijayakrishna rowthuSubmitted: 3/28/2010Downloads: 5877
Randomly raining text from the word given.

RailWay Platform AssignmentVersion: VB6
Author: David Immanuvel.SSubmitted: 3/26/2010Downloads: 4604
It is used to assign the rail platform manul or automatic. Front end VB6.0 and Back end Oracle 9i.

Advanced System Task Bar HiderVersion: VB6
Author: Priyankara DilanthaSubmitted: 3/25/2010Downloads: 3488
You can hide your system task bar very easily by using this program. Everything is simple to understand. You can secure your account by using this program also.....

Inventory System Version: VB6
Author: Jomar PabuayaSubmitted: 3/22/2010Downloads: 18655
This is an advance Inventory System that I've made before. It has a lot of features that you can use in your own program. Features of this program are as follows: Purchase order are put on hold prior to final posting. Purchase/Sales order return. ...more>>

Animation with databaseVersion: VB6
Author: opong rodelSubmitted: 3/18/2010Downloads: 7873
Animation with database. Note: Set correct connection string path for Adodc1 control.

Student Information SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Eduard DueñasSubmitted: 3/17/2010Downloads: 13978
This is a very useful system for retrieving data such as list of student by level and school year and it include grades of the student(all grades). . . u can search student by name, school year, level id and etc. . . i continue uploading for your comment ...more>>

Simple Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Ferdinand ViraySubmitted: 3/15/2010Downloads: 6188
A very simple code for a very simple Media Player made by a simple IT student...

Student Information-SQL StatementVersion: VB6
Author: JC SALDiSubmitted: 3/11/2010Downloads: 6039
Hi Guyz.. this is my first program that i used the ADODB connection .. bec. in my former school we used THE ADODC connection only .. And i think that ADODB is better than ADODC. . DOWNLOAD NOW and get some knowledge in my simple program... PASSWORD ...more>>

Inventory project included with billingVersion: VB6
Author: Ravi kumar sahuSubmitted: 3/6/2010Downloads: 11701
This inventory project is helpful for retail sellers.

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