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TicTacToe Game in VB 6Version: VB6
Author: Rajbhan VishwakarmaSubmitted: 5/19/2010Downloads: 3388
This Project will help Under Graduate Student in understanding the uses of basic components of VB 6 in different way and making game to make VB more interesting.

MySQL Sample ProgramVersion: VB6
Author: ZenseiSubmitted: 5/15/2010Downloads: 5855
I created a basic function of Database manipulation with MySQL...

Complete Grading SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Felizardo DaceraSubmitted: 5/13/2010Downloads: 8994
A complete college grading system start downloading and learn techniques using parameters!

Sort Datagrid in any Column using 1 line of CodeVersion: VB6
Author: Kenneth LinchSubmitted: 5/10/2010Views: 19530
This code will sort the datagrid in ascending order. This is so simple and easy to use and better benefits, just 1 line of code you can sort any column.

Hospital Management Software VB 6.0Version: VB6
Author: SiddharthSubmitted: 5/8/2010Downloads: 15469
Hospital Management Software VB 6.0. With this you can manage all ur hospital needs...........

Airline Reservation SystemVersion: VB6
Author: SiddharthSubmitted: 5/8/2010Downloads: 10014
Airline Reservation system VB 6.0.

How to Disable Ctrl + alt + Delete FunctionVersion: VB6
Author: KennethSubmitted: 4/26/2010Views: 11605
This program will disable the control + alt + delete function.

Banking SystemVersion: VB6
Author: SiddharthSubmitted: 4/21/2010Downloads: 9957
Banking system project in VB 6.0

Shop Automation SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Manoj ShrivastavaSubmitted: 4/19/2010Downloads: 11830
This is created in vb6 and access. A perfect project for any type of shop u can install it in any shop or submit it in college. suitable project for MCM , PGDCA, MCA , PGDCS. Part of project is yet to complete. Feel free to contact by email for any a ...more>>

Student RecordVersion: VB6
Author: JC SALDISubmitted: 4/1/2010Downloads: 7262
This simple program can add and save any records or information.

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