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Dbase programming(Simplified Codes)Version: VB6
Author: Felizardo DaceraSubmitted: 8/10/2010Downloads: 7215
Download this program and learn about database querys and parameters.

Login FormVersion: VB6
Author: Gursahib SinghSubmitted: 8/6/2010Downloads: 6402
This is a simple login form.

Brainick Memory GameVersion: VB6
Author: ashrafSubmitted: 8/3/2010Downloads: 4852
1. This is a match photos game of 16 images 2. How to use api timer? 3. How to load resource images? 4. How to play resource sound? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this will be useful for u. For ...more>>

ListView ExampleVersion: VB6
Author: Amit DhuriSubmitted: 8/1/2010Downloads: 8170
This is the easiest way to display record in Listview control. You Can also learn about Database connection and adding images in database. Reply if you like it.

M Reader 1.8Version: VB6
Author: Reach PhearunSubmitted: 7/26/2010Downloads: 2024
Easy to read, check grammar, and open some programs.

PuzzleVersion: VB6
Author: AnshulSubmitted: 7/20/2010Downloads: 5664
Puzzle It's a simple game coded in vb6.0 Arrange all numeric digits in assending order with minimum moves. This may help the vb6 beginners of drag and drop concept. Enjoy it.

Student Record - (Query)Version: VB6
Author: JC SALDISubmitted: 7/15/2010Downloads: 7296
This is sample program of how to use the QUERY and how it is applied to the program of vb6. This program also uses parameter to minimize the code.

DG Consumption Data Entry SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Manish Kumar MaliSubmitted: 7/13/2010Downloads: 4361
This Software is created for the purpose of DG Consumption Data Entry system when electricity is off. It Contain Advanced Coding with SQL.

Migoya Chess V5Version: VB6
Author: Alejandro MigoyaSubmitted: 7/10/2010Downloads: 3885
This is the 5th version of MigoyaChess engine. This version is not as strong but the code was greatly simplified making it much easier to understand. Code is included both in VB6.0 and C++

passMakerVersion: VB6
Author: Black BerrySubmitted: 7/6/2010Downloads: 3938
This is the source-code of pseudo-random password generator especially for crypto-containers with fixed size. This source was created using Microsoft Visual Basic 6. I don't have an opportunity to keep in my mind password with 60 digits length and more, t ...more>>

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