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Softec PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: aniljainSubmitted: 9/4/2010Downloads: 3767
This is a very good audio player with some visualization.

Database With PDF and ProjectVersion: VB6
Author: AbdulwahabSubmitted: 8/28/2010Downloads: 7422
Database with PDF and Project, add, update, delete, search by adodc.

Progress Bar Version: VB6
Author: AbdulwahabSubmitted: 8/28/2010Downloads: 5332
Here you can learn about Progress Bar and all it's properties.

Advanced Tool Bar PDF TutorialVersion: VB6
Author: AbdulwahabSubmitted: 8/28/2010Downloads: 3634
Here you can learn about Advanced Tool Bar in Visual Basic with PDF and all it's properties.

Children's Clinic SoftwareVersion: VB6
Author: Jaydeep AichSubmitted: 8/27/2010Downloads: 8253
This software is based on children's clinic. This will help the user to enter the details of the children. This software was developed in VB.

Picture FinderVersion: VB6
Author: Maged SaidSubmitted: 8/24/2010Downloads: 3917
PicFinder is a utility program that search the selected directory or drive for picture files (i.e., files with the extension .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .ico, or .wmf.). Found pictures are displayed in a list box and you can preview each one.

Contact ManagerVersion: VB6
Author: Maged SaidSubmitted: 8/24/2010Downloads: 4518
This is an address book that uses Random Access Files instead of a database to store information. It also includes a simple memo module (which also uses random access files) and a calculator.

Email utility using VB6Version: VB6
Author: sugaSubmitted: 8/18/2010Downloads: 5462
This is an email utility created using VB that can be integrated to other systems to enable to send email without using a default mail client configured the a computer.

System File Reader and URL system searchVersion: VB6
Author: Dali-Inc SoftwaresSubmitted: 8/18/2010Downloads: 3140
Enables you to open, create system files, it also has a search system that allows you to search the entire computer including hidden files.

employee database beginnersVersion: VB6
Author: aakash doshiSubmitted: 8/17/2010Downloads: 7737
This is a very basic employee database for the beginners. Functions: ADD REMOVE NAVIGATE REPORT LOGIN

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