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Music BoxVersion: VB6
Author: OAK PANHASubmitted: 10/1/2010Downloads: 4218
Music Player and Play Library.

Driver-TCVersion: VB6
Author: OAK PANHASubmitted: 10/1/2010Downloads: 2285

Product GoodsVersion: VB6
Author: DESERIE LARGADASubmitted: 9/29/2010Downloads: 6300
Product goods database.

CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Pritamsing PardeshiSubmitted: 9/26/2010Downloads: 2979
This calculator is used to do simple calculations.

Simple Audio PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Pritamsing PardeshiSubmitted: 9/26/2010Downloads: 4257
This Audio Player can play mp3, mp4, mpeg files.

Author: M BALAJISubmitted: 9/26/2010Downloads: 4804

MessengerVersion: VB6
Author: AnshulSubmitted: 9/25/2010Downloads: 5277
This application transfer data from one pc to another via voice. This application help the vb freshers to understard the concept of data transfer from one pc to another and also know how to use microsoft speak refrence.

IRC BotVersion: VB6
Author: James MarvinSubmitted: 9/25/2010Downloads: 2860
This is an IRC bot and is by no means complete at this time. I offer this source code as is, and it has basic functionality at present and is still very much a work in progress. Feel free to add to the code and offer any improvements, suggestions or ...more>>

One Line RoundUp / One Line RoundDownVersion: VB6
Author: Timothy CoxSubmitted: 9/14/2010Views: 7608
Replaces -=Description from 2916 follows=- Two simple functions that are not found in VB. Suppose you have a number '3.376'. Now when you will use the RoundUp function you will get the result as '4.0'. By using ...more>>

Author: Ajoy Kumar ChakrabortySubmitted: 9/4/2010Downloads: 5763
This small application uses winsock control to capture LAN data between server and client. I had to develop this application to capture meteorological data entering a server to identify a long pending problem and it was a success. I had implemented this i ...more>>

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