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Simple GameVersion: VB6
Author: krishna muliyaSubmitted: 11/30/2010Downloads: 5479
Simple game.

Database for blood bankVersion: VB6
Author: prasannaaSubmitted: 11/28/2010Downloads: 6385
This is a software which helps to maintain the records of the donors and send them a message when their blood is needed.

Mouse Events Version: VB6
Author: prasannaaSubmitted: 11/28/2010Downloads: 3198
Mouse events. Experience it and give me your suggestions.

Student RecordVersion: VB6
Author: prasannaaSubmitted: 11/28/2010Downloads: 7179
This project is used for maintaining the records of a student.

Rajesh Operating System Version: VB6
Author: RAJESH SHRESTHA Submitted: 11/10/2010Downloads: 4219
This software gives the idea about the operating system functions.

Equipment Management SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Bitu BiswasSubmitted: 11/7/2010Downloads: 9093
This is done in VB6 and Access Database with different features with search query.

Perfect ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Gursahib SinghSubmitted: 11/3/2010Downloads: 3933
This is a perfect Advanced Level Clock.

School ManagementVersion: VB6
Author: Krishan VermaSubmitted: 11/2/2010Downloads: 10848
This software can be used for school management.

Auto suggest searchVersion: VB6
Author: Sarjan ShresthaSubmitted: 11/1/2010Downloads: 3607
This is a search suggestion in vb. Just like what you get while typing in Google's search text box. Make sure to set the correct path to "search.txt" file.

Travel Agency DemoVersion: VB6
Author: Amit DhuriSubmitted: 10/28/2010Downloads: 5740
This is a project to maintain details of all transaction of Travel Agency. It will improve your database connectivity knowledge and also help you to create Project..reply if you like.

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