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Virtual Keyboard in vb6Version: VB6
Author: AravindkumarSubmitted: 12/29/2010Downloads: 4911
Virtual keyboard in vb6.

Print Form using Printer.Object Version: VB6
Author: Bob BrandtSubmitted: 12/23/2010Views: 13846
Print Form using Printer.Object with having to use Printer.Object. Print a form as a Page or Report etc... Prints as you see the form allows sizing to page and other features.

Font SettingVersion: VB6
Author: RasheedSubmitted: 12/20/2010Downloads: 2738
Just how to use font in vb 6.0

Drive ControlVersion: VB6
Author: RasheedSubmitted: 12/20/2010Downloads: 3493
How use drive control in vb 6.0

Scrolling effectsVersion: VB6
Author: RasheedSubmitted: 12/20/2010Downloads: 4373
How to use scrolling effects in vb 6.0

Gen Plus Web DesignerVersion: VB6
Author: SuthaharSubmitted: 12/17/2010Downloads: 4520
This project is entitled an "Gen Plus Web Designer" developed under VB as a front - end tool MS Access as Back - End. The main objective of this project is to design a web page without the knowledge of the Web Designing languages like HTML. The user can d ...more>>

Temperature ConverterVersion: VB6
Author: Goutam RaySubmitted: 12/15/2010Downloads: 2792
Like my previous useful codes, this is another one. Please log on to my site : for all my applications.

Library Managment systemVersion: VB6
Author: Abhishek kumarSubmitted: 12/9/2010Downloads: 9330
This software is made for library management.

Vista Like CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: pritamsingSubmitted: 12/5/2010Downloads: 3401
This is Vista like calculator.

Catch and MatchVersion: VB6
Author: Vaibhav TiwariSubmitted: 12/1/2010Downloads: 5910
Goal of this game is finding pairs. You need to click on any box and have to find match. If you got the correct match for that box that pair will disappear. You need to find all the 8 pairs with least number of clicks to make a high score.

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