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Search and Replace StringVersion: VB3, VB4, V
Author: James TracySubmitted: 1/30/2004Views: 39121
Bulletproof search and replace of string.

Character ConverterVersion: VB4
Author: Sarfraz ChandioSubmitted: 12/24/2003Downloads: 5732
This is where you can convert the characters to their corresponding ascii values and vice versa.

Notepad Superseder Version: VB5
Author: Sarfraz ChandioSubmitted: 12/22/2003Downloads: 7422
The best-in-the-list notepad superseder program with multiple features like text to pdf conversion, encryption/decryption, word count, character count, numbers to figures, wintools, and much more!

Superb String Search ProgramVersion: VB5
Author: Sarfraz ChandioSubmitted: 12/22/2003Downloads: 6301
Using this program you can find a particular string in any file present on your computer and can open that file directly!.

Ultra text searchVersion: VB6
Author: Pradeep.kumar.K..nSubmitted: 12/13/2003Downloads: 5851
Performs text(both ordinary and wide character) search starting from root to bottom.

Random Password GeneratorVersion: VB6
Author: Franz TräxlerSubmitted: 11/11/2003Views: 15374
Function to generate random Id's and passwords.

Scamble WordsVersion: VB6
Author: toxiodSubmitted: 11/10/2003Downloads: 6537
A simple illustration of string manipulation that works with string array. It unscrambles the scrambled words that are inputed by the user.

Scrolling Text in Form and Title BarVersion: VB5
Author: Shaunak SontakkeSubmitted: 7/21/2003Downloads: 8191
This code enables you to scroll any text in the text box as well as in the title bar of the form. You can change the color of the scrolling text randomly while scrolling. You can use this to label and other controls also.

This is just a way of scrolling some text in the a...Version: VB6
Author: RattySubmitted: 5/29/2003Downloads: 5803
This is just a way of scrolling some text in the app caption bar, with ajustable speed using a slider real. Simple but it works.

This simple program can hide files and extract int...Version: VB6
Author: COBEINSubmitted: 5/13/2003Downloads: 6294
This simple program can hide files and extract into an other file.

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