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My ComputerVersion: VB.NET
Author: Guru ParanSubmitted: 12/16/2004Downloads: 13293
This is a Application Similar to the look and feel of My computer of Windows XP including Taskcontrol,blendpanel and support for Playing Audio(music files like mp3,wma,wav etc). This application also contains a webbrowser for in house browsing. I w ...more>>

Decimal to Binary, Octal, HexadecimalVersion: VB5
Author: Ferdinand DalidaSubmitted: 12/15/2004Downloads: 7140
This form is a design case study for java programming. A Conversion of Decimal numbers to Binary, to Octal, and to Hexadecimal.

Number to StringVersion: VB3
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 10/13/2004Downloads: 5908
Convert number to string 1=one 2=two ........ up to a trillion.

AutoCamelCasingVersion: VB6
Author: Henry PascasioSubmitted: 10/8/2004Downloads: 3935
I decided to create this program because all my freinds in the friendster got all their information where written in a alternating case letters. and it really cool to look at..u should try this u can use this to convert and paste this to any word processo ...more>>

Morse code convertorVersion: VB6
Author: Amir MoradabadiSubmitted: 9/12/2004Downloads: 6137
Convert any text and number to it's international morse code. Also you can save and open files.

Now it's allTrimVersion: VB5
Author: maheshSubmitted: 7/13/2004Downloads: 5249
We sometimes use LTrim and RTrim to format a text string. But what if the sentence contains more than one space between two words. Especially in a person's name, we want exactly one space between the first name, middle name and last name of the person. ...more>>

Flight PathVersion: VB6
Author: Hunter PerrinSubmitted: 7/1/2004Downloads: 4140
A simple find script for text editors. The Application Wizard doesn't include a find script and it's hard to find one online. So here it is.

Just scrolling along on VB4Version: VB4
Author: Geoff ScottSubmitted: 5/27/2004Downloads: 4291
It doesn't come any more "basic" than this. If you have a lot of text to display, for instance, instructions to a new user and there isn't enough space on your form, to display it all. The answer could be to create a small label and scroll all the instr ...more>>

Large MessageVersion: VB3
Author: Taslim Mazumder SohelSubmitted: 5/5/2004Downloads: 4541
Display a multiple line large message box.

Binary To Ascii ConverterVersion: VB6
Author: AnonymousSubmitted: 2/22/2004Downloads: 10029
A cool program that can convert plain english to binary and vice versa. Let me know what you think!

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