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Spell CheckerVersion: VB 2005
Author: AnonymousSubmitted: 1/14/2006Downloads: 11931
Enter a word in the box and this program tells you if you spelt it correctly or incorectly. Uses the microsoft word dictionary.

Stop duplicates while loading list into listviewVersion: VB6
Author: RattleSnakeSubmitted: 12/8/2005Views: 16207
This Code demonstrates how to use a Common Dialog and load a txt file into Listview and remove Duplicates from it while loading.

Number to StringVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: VatooVatooSubmitted: 9/28/2005Downloads: 9413
Convert number to string 1=one 2=two ........ up to a trillion.

Find And Replace Phrase (FARP) v1.1Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: Khalid AlmannaiSubmitted: 7/22/2005Downloads: 7204
This is the enhanced version of Find And Replace Phrase (FARP). I've made this tiny application to help all users and specially developers to append their files rapidly without the need to open the files one by one. This really helpful if you have a pu ...more>>

Remove unwanted characters from a string Version: VB6
Author: Graham HayesSubmitted: 7/4/2005Views: 54592
This code removes unwanted characters from a string.

Text to SpeechVersion: VB6
Author: Bassam Bou FakhreddineSubmitted: 5/27/2005Downloads: 10923
Convert text, text files into audible documents in WAVE or MP3 formats.

Decimal control in textboxVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad Imran VohraSubmitted: 3/5/2005Views: 24199
This code is used to control Decimal places in textbox. This is very usefull to all VB Programers. This code is placed in module.. Example Private Sub Text1_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer) KeyAscii = DecControl(KeyAscii, Text1.Text, 2) End Sub

Bill PrintingVersion: VB6
Author: Mohammed FasalullaSubmitted: 2/26/2005Downloads: 12457
Bill Printing.

WordwrapVersion: VB5
Author: Vankani Nilesh KSubmitted: 2/23/2005Downloads: 5099
This is a wordwrap project. We sometimes face the problem in vb that we cannot print properly if text is longer than our document width. So this is the project to solve this Problem. If any suggetions Pls send me mail.

Text ExtractorVersion: VB6
Author: Ashwin ChandranSubmitted: 2/16/2005Downloads: 4935
A program which lists out all words beginning with a 'd' or 't' from a text box as you type.

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