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Remove extra whitespace from inside a stringVersion: VB6
Author: T. BuchmannSubmitted: 6/3/2007Views: 14567
Quickly remove extra whitespace from inside a string.

MDI Notepad v2.1Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: Batbayar BazarragchaaSubmitted: 5/26/2007Downloads: 6334
This is debugged MDI notepad application of my previous submission "MDI Notepad". It has custom toolbar (project included), tabcontrol and find and replace. Soon I'll add line number. If there's any suggestions please e-mail me to

MDI notepadVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Batbayar BazarragchaaSubmitted: 4/25/2007Downloads: 4068
This is MDI notepad with toolbar and statusbar. I haven't completed the statusbar. There are no bugs so far. Is there any solution to improve this notepad email me to Thanks!

Print TXT File Under WindowsVersion: VB6
Author: MOELZ17Submitted: 11/2/2006Downloads: 4726
Print TXT File Under Windows.

Zero Delimeter ConverterVersion: VB6
Author: Alexander AbeSubmitted: 11/1/2006Downloads: 3109
This program converts a number into string that inserts zeros depending on the lenght given. You can align the zeros left and right. This is useful when creating serial numbers for receipts, tickets, etc.

Protect your foldersVersion: VB6
Author: Fasal.MKSubmitted: 7/21/2006Downloads: 6521
Protect your folders with this code.

Textbox tabout using enter key & keyup, keydownVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: mohan.mSubmitted: 7/1/2006Views: 82210
Basically windows applications contain many textboxes and buttons. Usally clients press tab key to move cursor to another textbox. Apart from that clients can press down key as well as up key.

Only Number StringVersion: VB6
Author: GlaścioSubmitted: 4/7/2006Views: 17245
Extract all numbers only from alphanumeric string.

Convert Character to Ascii and BinaryVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: NKYSubmitted: 2/16/2006Downloads: 10369
Convert character to Ascii and binary.

Storing Values From Multiple Regional SettingsVersion: VB6
Author: James LongstreetSubmitted: 1/26/2006Views: 15085
In the class below, when declaring a number and passing it to a database, initialize the variable as vCurrency (or vDouble - in which case, modify the variable type in the class). In the pass of the value to a storage place where User will read it again, ...more>>

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