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SpyEx 2.0Version: VB5
Author: Chris RichmondSubmitted: 1/21/2004Downloads: 10798
UPDATE: SpyEx runs with windows in the background and logs the time, keys pressed, and window title of every place you've been. Each time the user switches to a new window the report is automatically updated. Now you can have SpyEx e-mail the report ev ...more>>

MouseTrapVersion: VB5
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 1/16/2004Downloads: 4844
MouseTrap is a utility for win98 security. Traps the mouse on starts of windows and releases it after verifying username and password. Initially you have to create an account from properties to work.

Random Keyboard LayoutVersion: VB6
Author: Chris RichmondSubmitted: 1/1/2004Downloads: 6423
Have you ever wanted to randomly change the keyboard layout? Well, here is your chance. This program will randomly change each letter every time you press a letter. For example, if you press 'A' you could get 'W' then you press it again and you could get ...more>>

SpyEx (Keylogger)Version: VB6
Author: Chris RichmondSubmitted: 1/1/2004Downloads: 25878
SpyEx is a keylogger that runs with windows in the background and monitors the selected window and the keys pressed. The best way to know how to defend against hackers is to know how they work. This keylogger creates a text file in the same directory as t ...more>>

Dynamic S-Box CypherVersion: VB6
Author: William Norman-WalkerSubmitted: 9/30/2003Downloads: 5191
This is a simple cypher using the s-box technique along with a randon sequence generator to dynamically re-map the S-Box after each character mapping. I think it's pretty good for it's simplicity.

Encryption AlgorithmVersion: VB3
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 9/15/2003Downloads: 8850
Use this algorithm for encryption and decryption of plain text. This algorithm can be compared with any powerful algorithm.

Generate a random password-list fileVersion: VB6
Author: FalkSubmitted: 8/18/2003Downloads: 7048
Here you can generate a random password-list file with your own values, e.g. length of the password, the number of lines in the file, what case of signs will be created ...

Folder Locking with PasswordVersion: VB5
Author: Palash Kumar DharaSubmitted: 8/13/2003Downloads: 16582
This program can lock any folder by DOS level security. A locked folder may not be opened, deleted or renamed unless the proper password is provided. The program also gives the idea to run any DOS command in VB via batch file. Thanks to Amir Moradabadi fo ...more>>

Folder LockVersion: VB6
Author: Amir MoradabadiSubmitted: 8/5/2003Downloads: 18628
Do you want to Lock your Folders? With this powerfull program you can lock your folders like {My computer,Recycle bin,and etc...}

Capture Key Strokes & Mouse co-ordinatesVersion: VB5
Author: Nanda Kishor K NSubmitted: 7/21/2003Downloads: 12239
To capture key strokes and mouse click position without the user's notice. Captured key strokes and mouse click position are stored in the 'c:\keytrap.txt'. HOW TO RUN : Make an EXE file and execute it. HOW TO STOP MONITORING : Press F10 key once. APPLICA ...more>>

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