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Register Your ApplicationVersion: VB6
Author: DanTheManSubmitted: 6/4/2004Downloads: 8910
Using a serial number, included in the 001. file, you can force the user to input the correct serial before he/she uses your program. Simple at first but you can change it in any way.

Folder security (ver 1.0)Version: VB6
Author: Shans (Chennai)Submitted: 5/27/2004Views: 18222
Access permission for your important folder through vbcode.

Encrypter/DecrypterVersion: VB5
Author: Anuj sharmaSubmitted: 5/18/2004Downloads: 7147
It's a very good program for encryption/decryption. File size does not matter in this, you can encrypt a file size 3mb....10mb..

Password Transfer DemoVersion: VB6
Author: Jose M ManimalaSubmitted: 5/10/2004Downloads: 5612
This is a small file that contains a program that accepts a password and then transfers it to another form. This program is not really a password program but a demonstrator of how data from one form can be accepted in another form. By changing the source ...more>>

Simple Self Registration ProgramVersion: VB5
Author: KamalSharmaSubmitted: 4/21/2004Downloads: 11480
This program protects your application from illegal use. It uses a serial key, user name and company for registration, after the project registered it display information on splash screen with animated cursor user can change his registration at any time o ...more>>

Printer LockVersion: VB6
Author: Sridhar BandiSubmitted: 4/12/2004Downloads: 6867
Prevents the printing process by other users with cancel the print screen. Right mouse click on print lock icon in taskbar and type password. Your printing will resume.

Login Box2Version: VB.NET
Author: Hendra Gunawan DjajaSubmitted: 2/18/2004Downloads: 16961
This is the newest version of login box application. This version has the same function as the old one only that it can change the password. Just Edit & Update your old username or password.

Login BoxVersion: VB.NET
Author: Hendra Gunawan DjajaSubmitted: 2/11/2004Downloads: 15657
This is a VB.NET login box application system. It is used as a security system to take care of your application from those who are irresponsible. This application provides 2 choices of login, that is login as Admin or login as User. This application ...more>>

MyDoom/Novarg Remover - UpdatedVersion: VB5
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 1/28/2004Downloads: 5703
This application will remove the MyDoom/Novarg virus and the registry settings associated with it. This version has been updated to handle the newest variation of the virus, which is more inclined to backdoor services that the mass mailing. Take a look, a ...more>>

Bagle Worm Remover : W32.Beagle.AA@WormVersion: VB5
Author: Multiple TechnologiesSubmitted: 1/23/2004Downloads: 6803
This is a removal utility for the latest version of the Bagle worm virus. This will check the location of the virus and delete it, then it will check the reg for entries related to the worm and delete those as well. You may also choose to handle this proc ...more>>

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