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Bouncing BallVersion: VB 2010
Author: WinnerSubmitted: 9/22/2012Downloads: 4077
Bouncing Ball screen saver.

Graphical ScreenSaverVersion: VB 2005
Author: Damian BoreckiSubmitted: 7/11/2012Downloads: 3792
Screensaver which shows circles with random colour and random size on the screen. By pressing the "S" key on keyboard the user can modify the screensaver. VERY BEAUTIFUL SCREENSAVER

ScreensaverVersion: VB6
Author: Ruzelle Vience BajadoSubmitted: 1/11/2011Downloads: 5165
Screen saver.

Matrix screensaverVersion: VB6
Author: vijayakrishna rowthuSubmitted: 3/28/2010Downloads: 6016
Randomly raining text from the word given.

Bouncing Picture and Date CountdownVersion: VB6
Author: YageszSubmitted: 4/14/2006Downloads: 9535
This screensaver allows you to set a bouncing picture. Or to have a date when you leave for something and it will countdown to that date. This is my first submission to this site. I hope you enjoy it.

Simple Screen SaverVersion: VB6
Author: BABAR ABBASSubmitted: 9/29/2005Downloads: 10922
A simple screensaver with image effect.

A simple screensaver written in VB.NETVersion: VB.NET
Author: Michael StorrsSubmitted: 9/19/2004Downloads: 23907
This "blank screen screensaver" code demonstates how to create a real screen saver. With settings, and a preview window. It is a great place to start your own screen saver. All you do is add your code to the main form.

ScreensaverVersion: VB6
Author: Narender JangraSubmitted: 7/29/2004Downloads: 10864
A small graphics program which can be used as screen saver.

Moving Pictures Screen SaverVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 6/17/2004Downloads: 15947
This program is a moving picture screen saver. It moves simultaneously a set of pictures over a black window. Those pictures are not conventional rectangular pictures. They are a set of different shapes. I used a user defined picture called it moving pict ...more>>

Light Spot Screen SaverVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 6/17/2004Downloads: 11749
Light Spot is a small and easy screen saver. It is a light spot moving over a black screen. This spot displays a circle of the previous screen. It is easy to program.

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