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Net Chat - client to clientVersion: VB6
Author: C.ElayarajaSubmitted: 6/12/2008Downloads: 8793
Client to client chat.

Network MonitorVersion: VB 2005
Author: Paramhans DubeySubmitted: 5/3/2008Downloads: 25427
This is a real time application for network administrators to keep a watch on network machines. It is a good tool for tracking status of remote machines in network, it gives a warning message to the user when the state of remote machine changes. over all ...more>>

Chat ProgramVersion: VB6
Author: DeviousDaveSubmitted: 4/2/2008Downloads: 8129
This is just a simple Winsocket chat program, check it out, and feel free to give me tips and comment, through email or on this website.

Active Directory FinderVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Anindya ChatterjeeSubmitted: 4/2/2008Downloads: 6039
This project will detect your system information and your belonging groups.

Online QuizVersion: VB6
Author: SuthaharSubmitted: 3/5/2008Downloads: 9401
This project is used to conduct an online quiz competition.

Lan Control SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Sandeep MaliSubmitted: 2/28/2008Downloads: 11734
This projects is used to control lan computers from server computer.

Lan MessangerVersion: VB6
Author: SuthaharSubmitted: 2/14/2008Downloads: 10982
This Project is used to make the communication between the cliens among the network. It Supports all the tpe of communication like Text, Voice, Video.. It also monitor and control the client activities..

Chat Version: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 1/18/2008Downloads: 5455
This is a prototype chatting software in the simplest of its form. It still has a long way to go before it is relably used. The coding section may be a little bit confusing for the beginners, but it should do good once the working concept has been grasp ...more>>

Cyber ConVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 1/17/2008Downloads: 8221
This is a prototype networking software which is just enough to deal up to the complete automation of cyber centers. It helps cyber owners to forget their worries about the login and logout time of their customers. It completely automates all the possib ...more>>

Client/Server chat appVersion: VB6
Author: MidianSubmitted: 4/9/2007Downloads: 12982
This is a Client/Server chat app that i have been working on over the past week. It can accept multiple connections. There are also a few commands built in which include retrieving server date, time and uptime and can also be remotely shutdown. The code i ...more>>

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