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udp chatVersion: VB6
Author: Albert WitSubmitted: 11/4/2011Downloads: 2532
Simply but usefull udp-chat program for home networks(you need to register frmutil.dll in yr systemdir !)

PFusion - Search & RetrievalVersion: C#
Author: SasikalaSubmitted: 10/30/2011Downloads: 1447
The project "PFUSION: P2P ARCHITECTURE FOR INTERNET-SCALE CONTENT-BASED SEARCH AND RETRIEVAL" is designed using Microsoft VisualStudio.Net 2005 as front end and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as backend which works in .Net framework version 2.0. The coding l ...more>>

Remote WebCam Client and Server Version: VB 2008
Author: Miguel LironSubmitted: 7/22/2011Downloads: 7626
The .Zip contains 2 applications, server and client. The client connects to the server via IP and sends the images. The server can change the quality of the images received. It also allows you to send text as a chat. For testing you can open the 2 app ...more>>

Remote Desktop - Server-ClientVersion: VB 2008
Author: Miguel LironSubmitted: 7/11/2011Downloads: 12319
This project is a remote desktop. It consists of 2 applications, a server and a client. Source code included. The client connects to the server via IP. VB2008 tool used, tested on XP and Vista. That allows: - View the screen of the client. ...more>>

Client Server ChatVersion: C#
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 3721
Chat using TCP/IP and sockets (Client/Server)

Async NET RemotingVersion: C#
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 1486
Async NET remoting.

MessengerVersion: VB6
Author: AnshulSubmitted: 9/25/2010Downloads: 4377
This application transfer data from one pc to another via voice. This application help the vb freshers to understard the concept of data transfer from one pc to another and also know how to use microsoft speak refrence.

Author: Ajoy Kumar ChakrabortySubmitted: 9/4/2010Downloads: 4698
This small application uses winsock control to capture LAN data between server and client. I had to develop this application to capture meteorological data entering a server to identify a long pending problem and it was a success. I had implemented this i ...more>> SocketVersion: VB 2005
Author: AdilSubmitted: 8/10/2010Downloads: 5808
This is a Simple Client & Server chat app that I have been working on over the past week.

Operating System InformationVersion: C#
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 7/28/2010Downloads: 2986
Get Complete Operating System In-formations. I Refers so many articles but i didn't get proper document to fulfill my requirement, finally i created application using WMI + C# to get complete information about OS.

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