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Simple Flash PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Mickie PoulsenSubmitted: 6/25/2009Downloads: 5967
Play all your flash movies in this app. Functions: Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind and Forward. Uses CommonDialog to open .swf files. Do with this prgram as you like!

Tiny Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Rohit V. KamalakarSubmitted: 6/22/2009Downloads: 5240
It can play almost all standard media files & also acts as a drive, folder explorer.

Really Cool Media PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: Rohit V. KamalakarSubmitted: 6/21/2009Downloads: 5856
This application plays almost every standard media file like songs & videos. You can even Bookmark your favourite file to access it quickly when you'll open the player next time. Just make an exe file & enjoy the Cool Player! Suggestions are always we ...more>>

Multimedia Player Class Engine using the winmm.dllVersion: VB6
Author: Mark McCabeSubmitted: 10/10/2008Downloads: 7614
A classic VB multimedia class using the API (winmm.dll) to play music and videos. Sample project contains a formless timer class to ping the multimedia class periodically for changes in status. The multimedia class has error handling and event capabil ...more>>

Author: Vikash RathourSubmitted: 9/24/2008Downloads: 4906
This is my first software. This software plays dvd. Requirement: DVD Drive/DVD Writer

Video playerVersion: VB 2008
Author: Jim TrippSubmitted: 8/27/2008Downloads: 8383
A video player using DX9 to load and play up to 40 videos at once.

Multi video player Version: VB 2008
Author: Jim TrippSubmitted: 8/25/2008Downloads: 7411
Alllows the user to open up to 48 video feeds and view them . click on the edge of the video to control with the buttons at the bottom. dont know why seemed like a good idea at the time. Uses direct x9 have fun Jim T p.s sorry abot the direct sound f ...more>>

Buzz effect just like yahoo messengerVersion: VB6
Author: Gurmeet SinghSubmitted: 5/16/2008Downloads: 4656
Buzz effect just like yahoo messenger.

Cd/dvd EjectVersion: VB 2005
Author: Michel RenaudSubmitted: 11/30/2007Views: 16361
Using windows media player to eject media disks.

DVD PlayerVersion: VB6
Author: GeorgeSubmitted: 9/6/2007Downloads: 6379
Features of DVD Player Application in VB 6.0 Hardware Requirement: DVD ROM or DVD WR. Software Requirement: Third Party DVD decoder, inbuilt DVD Decoder plug in available with Operating System. Features: - DVD Playback - DVD pause - Fast forward ...more>>

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