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GoonVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 4/5/2011Downloads: 3188
This program is for people who don't want to pay in the internet cafe but want to use the internet.

Goon - C# VersionVersion: C#
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 4/5/2011Downloads: 1785
This program is for people who don't want to pay in the internet cafe but want to use the internet.

Pharmacy Automation SystemVersion: VB 2008
Author: deepak kumar vishwakarmaSubmitted: 3/23/2011Downloads: 8359
The program is a pharmacy automation system.

Image Protector(C.S.I)Version: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 3/3/2011Downloads: 3061
Image protected by this program cannot be viewed by photoshop, gimp, corel draw, ms paint and other picture editor.

2 textbox resize without messing with the formVersion: VB6
Author: empalamadoSubmitted: 2/25/2011Downloads: 2180
Resize the Textbox 2 MOUSE_MOVE without touching the Form. Just pull down or up in the middle of the second Textbox that they fit into the size you want. I searched all over the internet such a project and not found. It can be done in VB easy easy. Thi ...more>>

Numeric TextboxVersion: VB 2010
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 2/24/2011Views: 6442
Simple numeric Text box.

On Screen KeyBoardVersion: VB6
Author: Harish MohananiSubmitted: 2/24/2011Downloads: 4171
This is on screen keyboard designed under VB6.

Start Menu OrganizerVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 2/23/2011Downloads: 3320
You can organize your start menu's items.

File BrowserVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 2/23/2011Downloads: 3419
Browse file easy.

CalbiranVersion: VB 2010
Author: M BradleySubmitted: 2/15/2011Downloads: 45456
Multi purpose program with many features for your personal life. Look ahead reminders for Anniversaries, Birthdays, One off Events, Yearly Events, Monthly payments, Daily reminders, Diary, Phone numbers, Private encrypted file for passwords and logins, L ...more>>

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