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Length ConversionVersion: VB 2010
Author: p0l carloSubmitted: 11/1/2010Downloads: 2264
Help you to convert various lengths.

CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: PritamsingSubmitted: 10/18/2010Downloads: 3405
Simple calculator used to do calculations like addition, substraction, multiplication, division, percentages, etc.

CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Pritamsing PardeshiSubmitted: 9/26/2010Downloads: 2299
This calculator is used to do simple calculations.

Expert MultiplierVersion: C#
Author: PraveenSubmitted: 9/25/2010Downloads: 1595
This program multiplies two numbers and also display the steps involved in it. For Example: 22 * 33 -------- 066 660 ------ 726 ==== like this will display on the screen.

One Line RoundUp / One Line RoundDownVersion: VB6
Author: Timothy CoxSubmitted: 9/14/2010Views: 6336
Replaces -=Description from 2916 follows=- Two simple functions that are not found in VB. Suppose you have a number '3.376'. Now when you will use the RoundUp function you will get the result as '4.0'. By using ...more>>

Two Number CalculationVersion: VB 2008
Author: Piyush PatelSubmitted: 8/3/2010Downloads: 2878
Simple application for adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying any tow numbers along with restriction of only allowing numbers in input field, using little bit menu. Using of about box.

CSharpCalc - Math Parser in C#. Version: C#
Author: mahyar_etSubmitted: 7/18/2010Downloads: 1888
This is a simple math parser in C#. In fact, it is start point for parsing expressions.

Work With Mathematical OperatorsVersion: VB6
Author: AbdulwahabSubmitted: 6/29/2010Downloads: 2952
Simple application for beginners. Shows how to work with mathematical operators.

CalculatorVersion: VB 2008
Author: CoCoXNeTSubmitted: 6/22/2010Downloads: 4744
Simple calculator.

GPA CalculatorVersion: VB 2008
Author: Oneil DrummondSubmitted: 5/22/2010Downloads: 3929
Tells you your GPA grade points.

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