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Calculator in VB.NETVersion: VB.NET
Author: Sami ur Rehman RajputSubmitted: 4/26/2004Downloads: 9744
Calculator performs functions similar to Microsoft's calculator.

Find Limit of FunctionVersion: VB6
Author: Amirhossein SabetSubmitted: 4/20/2004Downloads: 4054
With this program you can find the limit of a function at any point X.

C-A-M-SVersion: VB6
Author: Malik ZeeshanSubmitted: 4/12/2004Downloads: 5569
If guys are the student of computer science, then you must be fimiliar with Simultion and Modeling subject. Manufaturing and Transportation control problems are Generally studied in this subject. Here is The little application. Since this is the alpha rel ...more>>

Convert Numbers to TextVersion: VB6
Author: Raza.Z.SayedSubmitted: 4/6/2004Downloads: 6847
Number2Text converts numbers from 0 (Zero) to 990,000,00 (Ninety Nine Crore) to text. This program can be useful in business applications where one often needs to convert numeric data into words e.g.) 123 as One Hundred Twenty Three.

CalculatorVersion: VB5
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 3/19/2004Downloads: 5783
Calculator for Windows.

CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: GlediSubmitted: 3/6/2004Downloads: 7229
This a small calculator which does basic calculations and some more advanced ones. It may be useful if you are a beginner programmer in vb.

VB.NET CalculatorVersion: VB.NET
Author: Asad Khan NiaziSubmitted: 3/5/2004Downloads: 7567
VB.NET doesn't allow control arrays, here you can learn a subsitute of control array. Download a complete windows calulator code here...

Quadratic EquationsVersion: VB6
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 1/5/2004Downloads: 6320
Solves quadratic equations, cubic equations, and also identifies prime numbers.

Payment Plan CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Jason WattonSubmitted: 1/4/2004Downloads: 6530
The Payment Plan Caculator found herein is a multi-purpose application. It has been incorporated into the daily operations of a fortune 500 company, and is used and relied on heavily by many people.

Linear System Solver and DeterminantVersion: VB4
Author: Vagelis PlevrisSubmitted: 12/26/2003Downloads: 5922
This is a linear System Solver that solves the linear system of equations: [A]*{x}={b} for {x} and calculates the Determinant of matrix [A]. It features a user-friendly interface which is limited to 10x10 System dimensions. Yet, the solver itself, which u ...more>>

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