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Polygon calculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Wael SayedSubmitted: 10/12/2004Downloads: 4031
Polygon calculator...Can be used to get the area of a country , a city or any shape in an image file...Take care, u have to know the drawing scale of ur image file...Plz, read the attached DAT file.

Simple Calculator (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: Robert NgaluSubmitted: 9/13/2004Downloads: 9858
This calculator uses the interface of the pocket calculator and mimicking the one developed by Microsoft, it has some procedures worth noting, just try it and report your findings including any bug, you may comment your code for bugging and other useful f ...more>>

Round FunctionVersion: VB5
Author: Rohit ChuadharySubmitted: 8/30/2004Views: 19159
The built-in round is not 100% perfect. So I tried to make my own. Please mail me if anybody finds any bug.

Complete prime number projectVersion: VB5
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 8/22/2004Downloads: 4786
Find prime numbers, show Statistics of these primes, get all primes. I hope it be usefull,you also can save these primes as "doc" or "txt" file

Jacob's LadderVersion: VB3
Author: Harish Kumar.RSubmitted: 8/10/2004Downloads: 3432
This application is a simple puzzle to inculcate the skills of the vb beginners. This application also contain the solution for the puzzle. Very interesting and easy to solve.

Round Up and Round Down in VBVersion: VB3
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 7/23/2004Views: 110033
Two simple functions that are not found in VB. Suppose you have a number '3.376'. Now when you will use the RoundUp function you will get the result as '4.0'. By using RoundDown function the result would be '3.0'. However, for .NET you could use the ...more>>

VB 6 Analog Clock using Sin and CosVersion: VB5
Author: Bino BoseSubmitted: 7/8/2004Downloads: 5273
This is an analog clock designed in VB 6 using some calculations in Sin and Cos. The coding and design is done by Bino Bose. Some API's are used regardless of the clock function but need to set the Form size and Mouse Capture. Any queries regarding thi ...more>>

Prime Number GeneratorVersion: VB4
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 6/20/2004Downloads: 5166
With this little program you can get all primes from 1 to any number.

Complex Number Program VB.NETVersion: VB.NET
Author: Jim CarbineSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 7097
Complex number calculator.

Decimal to Binary ConvertorVersion: VB6
Author: ShaolinSubmitted: 5/9/2004Downloads: 4920
I've seen some binary convertors which used a lot of code. I've decided to make one myself and use as little code as possible.

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