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Advanced Quadratic GrapherVersion: VB6
Author: Per H. ChristiansenSubmitted: 10/30/2005Downloads: 3242
Solves and graphes quadratic equations. Does also find integrals and tangents related to those equations. Design and code may be used without any restrictions at all. Enjoy and have fun.

Linear Function GrapherVersion: VB6
Author: Per H. ChristiansenSubmitted: 10/29/2005Downloads: 3305
Advanced programme with more features than most other programmes that graphes and calculates linear functions! Design and code may be used without any restrictions.

Random number sequence generatorVersion: VB6
Author: Rod BottomSubmitted: 10/28/2005Downloads: 5305
A simple little program to create a sequence of random numbers. You can select how many numbers you want in the sequence. The numbers are stored in an integer array so you can easily extract them one by one ( for example to create a shuffle sequence for m ...more>>

ExponentilGrapherVersion: VB6
Author: Per H. ChristiansenSubmitted: 10/28/2005Downloads: 2819
Advanced program for graphing of exponential functions. Use code and design as you like!

InstallEnhed2 - Advanced Trigonometry ProgramVersion: VB6
Author: Per H. ChristiansenSubmitted: 10/28/2005Downloads: 2970
Advanced Trigonometry program containing code for making degrees around a circle like in a horoscope. Code and design may be used without any restrictions. Have fun.

CirkelVersion: VB6
Author: Per H. ChristiansenSubmitted: 10/27/2005Downloads: 2870
Calculates among other things the points emerging from intersections of lines and circles etc.

CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: SkullzSubmitted: 10/10/2005Downloads: 9879
Calculator program in VB.NET.

The Table TellerVersion: VB6
Author: MarcusSubmitted: 10/8/2005Downloads: 3064
It is a simple program which shows the arithmatic tables. And its form is better designed than most of the forms you will find on this site.

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in Visual BasicVersion: VB6
Author: Logix4uSubmitted: 9/27/2005Downloads: 10304
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm implementation in Visual basic. The program has a function generator to generate arbitrary functions and input / output graph windows.

Temperature ConverterVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: SaEeD HaCkErSubmitted: 9/27/2005Downloads: 6687
I`ve written program that Converts Temperature values. It supports : Kelvin, Celsius, Ferinhieght. If you have Any Suggestion Please feel free to E-mail me!

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