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Circular MatrixVersion: VB6
Author: Jatin ChauhanSubmitted: 9/16/2006Downloads: 3535
Display the Circular Matrix.

Simple calculatorVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Ishtiaq AhmedSubmitted: 9/13/2006Downloads: 5446
Simple calculator using ENUM.

Shape Volume CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: David CarneySubmitted: 9/3/2006Downloads: 5523
This program calculates the volume of a box, cone, cylinder, or sphere. It also allows you to enter the details of length, width, height, and radius. Note: You will need to set the path to the .bmp image files in the "Private Sub cmbShape_SelectedIndex ...more>>

Ultimate Calculator '06Version: VB 2005
Author: Lynn CummingsSubmitted: 7/23/2006Downloads: 8557
This is the updated version of Ultimate Calculator, first submitted in 2004 and downloaded over 7000 times! In addition to all the original features (full keyboard function with shortcut keys, keys that light up, and a ScratchPad function that records al ...more>>

Triangle Information ViewerVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 7/21/2006Views: 8463
The program helps to compute the area of a triangle, radius of in-circle and circum-circle, and the type of the triangle. I recommend the program for VB learners.

Simple math practice for kidsVersion: VB6
Author: baluSubmitted: 5/28/2006Downloads: 4106
Simple math practice for kids. Multiplication table, calander control desktop calander.

Randon Number GenerationVersion: VB6
Author: Oliver Sintim-AboagyeSubmitted: 5/19/2006Downloads: 5666
This is a simulation for generating random numbers. It generates unique 13 digit random number and keeps them in a database. You could print on cards and use for authentication of some sort. Like payphone card. I have added an empty db, so you could chan ...more>>

Magic SquareVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 2/13/2006Downloads: 5436
This program is a small example to calculate the sum of rows and columns. The sum of values in the rows, columns, diagonals will be the same. This program is created by me for just a time pass.

Graph of Math functionsVersion: VB6
Author: S. M. ASADUZZAMANSubmitted: 1/24/2006Downloads: 6551
It can plot mathematical (polynomial, rational, trigonometric functions) graphs.

XP CalculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Usman SadiqSubmitted: 12/19/2005Downloads: 7082
It's a Calculator like XP's.

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