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Finding Maximum ValueVersion: VB6
Author: Joven M. MuanaSubmitted: 4/17/2007Views: 64507
This code will show you how your going to find and display the maximum value in your array.

Sort Array in Ascending OrderVersion: VB6
Author: Joven M. MuanaSubmitted: 4/17/2007Views: 71685
This will show you how to sort an array data and display it in ascending order.

Sort Array in Descending OrderVersion: VB6
Author: Joven M. MuanaSubmitted: 4/17/2007Views: 34905
This will show you how to sort an array data and display it in descending order.

How to make an invoice programVersion: VB 2005
Author: Andrei SubaSubmitted: 3/28/2007Downloads: 21171
This was taken off my computer science test in class: Students are required to create a program that will calculate the total purchase of a custumer in the store. The rorm should look something like this....and it show's a picture of the program. * ...more>>

Solve a set of LinearEquations by GaussEliminationVersion: VB6
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 2/10/2007Views: 11555
Perform Gaussian Elimination to solve a system of linear equations on n-variables, having n-number of equations, with partial pivoting. This is the final update to my program. Subject : Methods of Numerical Analysis

Scheduling algorithm(Short Remaining Time First)Version: VB6
Author: TH SIsonSubmitted: 2/5/2007Downloads: 5997
Hi Greetings to you Great Programmers! Well I'm just a student trying to learn more...because I learn a lot from this website, here's one I can share.. It's my school Project in Operating System "The scheduling algorithm(Short Remaining Tme First) I think ...more>>

Random Lottery Number GeneratorVersion: VB 2005
Author: Shane HinchySubmitted: 1/14/2007Downloads: 9660
The application generates 6 random numbers plus 1 bonus number to simulate the picking of numbers for the lottery.

A scientific calculatorVersion: VB6
Author: Pratapsinh PatilSubmitted: 1/5/2007Downloads: 9172
This is very good program designed to calculate primary scintific calculations.

Secant method to approximate root of a functionVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 12/24/2006Views: 16440
Compute a root of a given equation (function of 1 variable) using Secant method. This is my second program on Methods of Numerical Analysis.

Gauss Elimination on N-variablesVersion: VB6
Author: Dipankar BasuSubmitted: 12/23/2006Views: 16853
This is an update to my previous program. Perform Gaussian Elimination method to solve a system of n-variables of n-linear system of equations. I hope the program will ne some help to students on the subject.

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