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Download email from Pop3 server with attachmentVersion: C#
Author: Nilesh VankaniSubmitted: 4/25/2011Downloads: 3449
Downlaod Email From POP3 Server with attachment. Open email sample.sln, this full source code you can use as your application part. If any issue with it, please email me

Sending Mail via VB.NET ApplicationVersion: VB 2008
Author: Pinkesh ParekhSubmitted: 4/6/2011Downloads: 6458
Download And Enjoy Friends... but only one condition is that you must have the G-mail A/c. You can also send mail via other a/c u have to change only the "smtpServer.Port,smtpServer.Host" of the application.

Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: YOGESH_PARMARSubmitted: 3/18/2011Downloads: 5256
Easy to use web browser.

Web BrowserVersion: VB6
Author: Harish MohananiSubmitted: 3/12/2011Downloads: 3599
This is a browser for beginners in visual basic.

Web Browser and Download Manager Version: VB 2008
Author: Yaser RanjhaSubmitted: 3/7/2011Downloads: 7170
Web browser and download manager.

Downloader by yaser Ranjha Version: VB 2008
Author: Yaser RanjhaSubmitted: 3/4/2011Downloads: 3968
You can download a file! Includes download speed, save as, & more.

Gen Plus Web DesignerVersion: VB6
Author: SuthaharSubmitted: 12/17/2010Downloads: 4438
This project is entitled an "Gen Plus Web Designer" developed under VB as a front - end tool MS Access as Back - End. The main objective of this project is to design a web page without the knowledge of the Web Designing languages like HTML. The user can d ...more>>

Send Email with VB6 and Access DatabaseVersion: VB6
Author: BALAJI MSubmitted: 10/8/2010Downloads: 8406
Send Email with VB6 and Access Database. You can also send attachments.

YouTube Videos & Flash DownloaderVersion: VB 2010
Author: OsamaGhareebSubmitted: 9/28/2010Downloads: 5827
This is a Simple YouTube Videos & Flash File Downloader. 1-Scan Page. 2-Get YouTube Videos Or Flash File In The Page. 3-Download.

IRC BotVersion: VB6
Author: James MarvinSubmitted: 9/25/2010Downloads: 2774
This is an IRC bot and is by no means complete at this time. I offer this source code as is, and it has basic functionality at present and is still very much a work in progress. Feel free to add to the code and offer any improvements, suggestions or ...more>>

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