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Basic Web BrowserVersion: VB 2008
Author: Zachary WuebbenSubmitted: 7/2/2008Downloads: 5365
This is a simple Web Browser. It has all the basics you need. I built this to learn and to teach others. All the code is commented extremely well to help out anybody who would want to learn from the code.

MetaSearch EngineVersion: VB 2005
Author: Muhammed Mohiudeen .M.NSubmitted: 6/27/2008Downloads: 9585
Meta Search Engine is a concept where we will take the search query and then passes it to many search engines and then filtering the duplicates and then doing the ranking. This is Known as Meta Search Engine... I have implemented the same in this proje ...more>>

MAILING ZONE(Mail Client-Server For Windows)Version: VB6
Author: Lokesh KumarSubmitted: 5/10/2008Downloads: 5446
MAIL SERVER & WINDOWS CLIENT is a major need which is required in almost every institute as well as in any organization. In most of the organization all the departments work in coordination with each other. This is possible if there is a medium for inter ...more>>

SAT Onliner RadioVersion: VB 2008
Author: Sathyendra PaiSubmitted: 5/5/2008Downloads: 6189
I have created this online radio using VB.NET 2008 express edition. This is the first version. It includes more than 85 online radio channels. I have written comment for each and every code. Please send your comments to my email address.

Automatic Mail GeneratorVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Anindya ChatterjeeSubmitted: 3/24/2008Downloads: 9750
It will send email to 1000 of recepient at a time by the help of OUTLOOK.

URL Management SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Anmol SinghSubmitted: 3/14/2008Downloads: 4587
This is a a Url Management System in which you can add keyword and website name to Database & in another form you can Search website by keyword and Visit website in the form only.

Simple RSS Feed ReaderVersion: VB 2005
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/23/2008Downloads: 6856
The article describes the construction of a simple RSS feed reader based upon some easy XPath work.

C# RSS Feed ReaderVersion: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/23/2008Downloads: 2554
The article and sample describe the construction of a basic RSS feed reader using XPath.

Website Kiosk Mode in C#Version: C#
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 2/19/2008Downloads: 2587
An article and example demonstrating an approach to operating a web site in kiosk mode while limiting the ability of the user to exit kiosk mode.

Quick web search engineVersion: C#
Author: Sabith kpSubmitted: 2/12/2008Downloads: 3159
It will help you to search different search engines at once.

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