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StegnoVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad AliSubmitted: 4/11/2007Downloads: 3253
STEGNO" As its name implies that it's a type of cryptographic application that is capable to hide and disclose any message. The aim of this project is to provide an interface to Sender and Receiver the method to make their communication more secure. Act ...more>>

3D Tube AnimationVersion: VB6
Author: ABRSubmitted: 3/30/2007Downloads: 4543
Draws very good tubes in 4 shapes.

Folder CustomizerVersion: VB6
Author: BasuDipSubmitted: 3/12/2007Downloads: 4031
Customize the background picture for a folder, a theme application.

Image DeveloperVersion: VB6
Author: Samuel MuturiSubmitted: 1/19/2007Downloads: 3712
Have you ever wondered how RGB() function works?...then this program has fucntions that work the same as RGB. In fact it is reverse of RGB()...i.e gets the red, green, blue component og a certain color. You can develop outline of a complex image.

Colour PickerVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 1/7/2007Downloads: 3741
Colour Picker by Trent Jackson. Modern looking universal picker hosting two palettes. A) 112 fixed. B) Circular gradient allowing almost any colour to be chosen. The picker is fully self-contained within a tool dialog making it the perfect addition to any ...more>>

Icon EditorVersion: VB6
Author: MetaferiaSubmitted: 12/28/2006Downloads: 5525
This is a program I made with a lot of tools to edit any icon and even create a new icon. Just check it.

Magical Fire EffectVersion: VB6
Author: Amarjit SinghSubmitted: 12/5/2006Downloads: 8202
Excellent Fire Effect with burning text! I have seen many fire effects but this is not a simple fire effect. Have you ever seen a burning text i think you have never seen such effect alone and with text. Fire inside text, fire on top of text and a pict ...more>>

Magical LED StarVersion: VB6
Author: T.JacksonSubmitted: 11/14/2006Downloads: 5546
Magical LED Star by Trent Jackson. This virtual LED star will keep you staring at the screen in amazement with its seemingly endless array of patterns. 44 LEDs make up the 5 pointed star. Uses data tables for the patterns and not much else drives it. Coul ...more>>

Attractive gradient Effect with AnimationVersion: VB6
Author: Amarjit SinghSubmitted: 11/14/2006Downloads: 5893
Very nice gradient effects I am sure that you have never seen such amazing gradient effect only using VB no Third party software and depicts the power of VB in Graphics.

Color MixingVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad Bilal DilnawazSubmitted: 10/17/2006Downloads: 3599
The Program Mixes Two Or More Colors.

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