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Simple GameVersion: VB6
Author: krishna muliyaSubmitted: 11/30/2010Downloads: 5286
Simple game.

Game PuzzleVersion: VB 2005
Author: Aditya Nugroho SubonoSubmitted: 11/25/2010Downloads: 6126
This application is a puzzle game with artificial intelligence.

Color quiz gameVersion: VB 2010
Author: p0l carloSubmitted: 10/31/2010Downloads: 5208
Color quiz game.

Magic Card GameVersion: VB6
Author: RAJESH SHRESTHASubmitted: 10/24/2010Downloads: 3953
Magic trick card game.

Tic-Tac-ToeVersion: VB6
Author: Krishna muliyaSubmitted: 10/1/2010Downloads: 3043
Another tic-tac-toe game.

TIC TAC TOEVersion: VB 2010
Author: ArJunSubmitted: 9/14/2010Downloads: 3709
Kindly open it in 2010.... It's a simple game but enjoyable :-)

Brainick Memory GameVersion: VB6
Author: ashrafSubmitted: 8/3/2010Downloads: 4130
1. This is a match photos game of 16 images 2. How to use api timer? 3. How to load resource images? 4. How to play resource sound? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope this will be useful for u. For ...more>>

Talking Magic 8 BallVersion: VB 2008
Author: MWH SmitSubmitted: 7/31/2010Downloads: 5463
Magic 8 ball. Let the Ball tell you your future. Simple game making use of Sappi Voice.

Total's 15Version: VB 2008
Author: MWH SmitSubmitted: 7/30/2010Downloads: 3026
A Game for getting a total of 15, click on the numbers to swap them and try to get a total of 15 in the Vertical and Horizontal. You can set the time from 1 min up. Keeps record of scores.

XNA Game Studio Space Ship RoutingVersion: C#
Author: Okan YŁkselSubmitted: 7/23/2010Downloads: 2609
I've made using XNA Game Studio spacecraft orientation with the keyboard keys.

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