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Stick DojoVersion: VB6
Author: Darmak Wolf (Ben M)Submitted: 9/12/2007Downloads: 6021
Ever wanted to know if Mario could beat Link in a fight? well now you can! Stick Dojo is a fighting game where you can duke it out against several characters. You can even make your own! Controls: left/right = move up = jump down = duck Z = punch ...more>>

Picture tricks using api - GetPixel, SetPixelVersion: VB6
Author: senthil kumar.MSubmitted: 8/11/2007Downloads: 5731
Learn more about the getpixel and setpixel functions in API. Check out this cool app that allows to do more with pics , also check out how to transform a picture in to text format.

Black JackVersion: VB 2005
Author: Capart DanielSubmitted: 7/31/2007Downloads: 8470
I am beginner, I made this game of Twenty-one(Blackjack): Player against Computer using random numbers.

Slayer of Evil 4.11 - NEW!Version: VB6
Author: Ben M (Darmak Wolf)Submitted: 7/20/2007Downloads: 6760
Fully animated side-scrolling hack n' slash fun! Bash enemies as you dash through 4 long levels to save the earth from evil. Includes sounds and music (music (c) Collect power-ups to stay alive. Perhaps a good way to learn to make games. Req ...more>>

Challenger x Sudoku1.4 UpdateVersion: VB6
Author: KhlilismSubmitted: 6/24/2007Downloads: 3155
This is my latest update of the application with more options as you will see.

Sudoku Puzzle SolverVersion: VB6
Author: khlilismSubmitted: 6/21/2007Downloads: 5552
In this project you can solve any Sudoku puzzle. I used 4 techniques to solve the puzzles. The fifth one is putting two possible values and the application try to bulid the missing numbers in all puzzle. In fact this aplication challenges any Sudoku puz ...more>>

Classic Puzzle GameVersion: VB6
Author: SARFRAZ AHMEDSubmitted: 6/11/2007Downloads: 4744
Nice widely played in Asia classic puzzle game. You will like it. This is my first attempt on a gaming project in VB.

A complete mmorpg engine - vbGORE v1.0.0Version: VB6
Author: SpodiSubmitted: 5/11/2007Downloads: 8256
vbGORE is an open MMORPG engine that has been under constant development for over a year. It takes advantage of 3d hardware acceleration to create a beautiful 2d environment with everything from alphablending, lighting, shadows, scaling, rotation, and eve ...more>>

Slingo 2Version: VB6
Author: Mike ThompsonSubmitted: 5/10/2007Downloads: 3112
If anyone remembers Slingo from AOL, this is a reproduction of that game. All of the code was created by me. If no one has played Slingo before, this is basically Bingo but in the form of a slot machine.

A Loto GameVersion: VB 2005
Author: SAKSubmitted: 4/28/2007Downloads: 6500
Loto game.

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