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Rocket Launch AnimationVersion: VB6
Author: Nilesh S. MaratheSubmitted: 2/1/2006Downloads: 5129
It is a simple rocket launching program.

Form Auto-ResizeVersion: VB6
Author: ViSiONSubmitted: 1/16/2006Downloads: 5130
This is a way to make a Form Expand or shrink using the mouse cursor. It also uses 2 command buttons to Auto-Shrink And Auto-Expand.

Runtime Generate ObjectVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Vineshkumar Dhansukhbhai PatelSubmitted: 1/10/2006Downloads: 6442
This code will help you to generate object at runtime. This code is very important for dynamic generate project or report format or form format. Tt's very much usefull in the future.

Payroll SystemVersion: VB6
Author: MRVBSubmitted: 12/6/2005Downloads: 23595
Simple Employee Payroll System.

Cool Drop-In Message/Input Box ReplacementVersion: VB6
Author: CptnVicSubmitted: 12/3/2005Downloads: 4727
This is a form (with a demo project) that you can drop into your application and instantly achieve message/input boxes that blow the vb message boxes away. The resultant message/input boxes are almost completely owner drawn and therefore are almost com ...more>>

Vb NotepadVersion: VB6
Author: Mohammed NaimullahSubmitted: 11/26/2005Downloads: 9653
Here you can use as windows notepad and has facilities of New, Edit, Save........ This has very easy code to understand every one.

Move FormVersion: VB6
Author: Swadesh DeySubmitted: 10/27/2005Downloads: 3830
Vary the size of a form with mouse on the body of the form. Also includes an age calculator.

Staff Attendance & Payroll Management SystemVersion: VB6
Author: HARSH A. MISTRYSubmitted: 10/25/2005Downloads: 36901
In this software we can add employee details according to the departments of the company. We can also add and delete deparment as well. We can maintain attandance of the employees and it can generat e monthly and daily report of attandance. We can also c ...more>>

Vista FormVersion: VB6
Author: arcade interactive - nick smithSubmitted: 10/5/2005Downloads: 9684
This file includes a windows vista style form feel free to edit and improve it and have fun.

WordpadVersion: VB6
Author: Ankit GroverSubmitted: 9/1/2005Downloads: 7301
This is a simple wordpad like editor. It contains all the features which a wordpad has. Its coding is easy to understand.

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