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Form Theme in Vb.Net 2005Version: VB 2005
Author: Dawood AzizSubmitted: 5/17/2006Downloads: 13101
This is Basic Control Developed in 2005. This Control Applies Mac OS Like Look to Windows Form.

Color PickerVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Michel RenaudSubmitted: 4/23/2006Views: 18578
Select colors in combobox and set the formBackground color. I added some more features.

Extended MsgboxVersion: VB6
Author: AtinSubmitted: 4/5/2006Downloads: 7314
Change the look of msgbox and apply animated icons instead of boring look.

Focus detection in the FormVersion: VB6
Author: BartholomewSubmitted: 4/1/2006Downloads: 4503
This is useful for the the end users to find out where the cursor is as he/she start typing the character automatically it change the color to red and when the focus leave the control it change back to normal and also it help the programmers to clear all ...more>>

Phonebook using multidimentional arrayVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Tomas BerrumSubmitted: 3/22/2006Downloads: 7503
This is a phonebook I made uses a listbox to save and open files sorting using a=t a=b t=a This uses a array like dim a(99,2) as string

Scrollable Forms in VB 6Version: VB6
Author: Prasad PawarSubmitted: 3/21/2006Downloads: 5990
Scrollable Forms in VB 6.0 Description : Basically we don't have a scrollable form in VB But using some Intelligent program we can do that..... *Add a MDI form to your Project ..... *Add some forms to your project *Set the border property of all the ...more>>

ManpowerVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Sikkandar Dulkarnai NSubmitted: 3/17/2006Downloads: 9626
This application will be helpful for recruitement or HR concerns. Their candidates, clients, agencies details can be stored and maintained.

Inventory/Delivery/Order SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Dale LabidesSubmitted: 3/13/2006Downloads: 28477
It's a complete inventory, delivery, order system for a pawnshop. It's a pure code program, adodb and listview, animated forms and a sidebar and flash backgrounds, it can be upgraded to 2002/2003/2005

SystemTray MsgBoxVersion: VB6
Author: Shoaib Mohammed ASubmitted: 3/1/2006Downloads: 6448
This program lets you create a message box near system tray as shown by norton antivirus. This uses simple calculation and is completely api free. Please see read me for further details.

Analog ClockVersion: VB6
Author: R.K.PatilSubmitted: 2/25/2006Downloads: 5938
Make your own anolog clock. Modify or use in screen saver. Enjoy.

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