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Pharmacy Management SystemVersion: VB 2005
Author: Vaibhav MayeeSubmitted: 10/15/2009Downloads: 17942
This is perfect sample of project which can be submitted to college of any level it could be Master's or Bachelors. You can create any Shop System by referring or modifying it. it contain backup file of database also you just has to restore it. For help c ...more>>

Frame AnimationVersion: VB6
Author: ERNZ.HSubmitted: 10/2/2009Downloads: 4852
Simple Frame Animation.

Turn Off MonitorVersion: VB6
Author: Ernel FadriquilanSubmitted: 10/2/2009Downloads: 4535
Simple Program to Turn off Monitor.

Picture Box with ArgumentException handledVersion: VB 2005
Author: Sachin N.S.Submitted: 9/23/2009Downloads: 4162
The application allows to select only the pictures to be loaded in the PictureBox control.It also shows how to store a picture into the database and how to retrive it back to the form.

Simple AnimationVersion: VB6
Author: Ernel FadriquilanSubmitted: 8/2/2009Downloads: 5444
Shows a simple animation.

Virtual KeyboardVersion: VB6
Author: Ernel G. FadriquilanSubmitted: 7/27/2009Downloads: 5460
Simple Keyboard Functions.

Run background task using BackgoundworkerVersion: VB 2005
Author: Frank FortinoSubmitted: 5/25/2009Downloads: 5272
Simple VB.Net 2005 program showing how to use Backgroundworker, to run a background task that takes a long time to execute.

Author: Subhash ( samarth kumar)Submitted: 5/18/2009Downloads: 21152
Institute management system.

Get System Color and Fill ColorVersion: VB 2005
Author: Deepali MaliSubmitted: 5/15/2009Downloads: 3993
This solution is used to get system colors and display color Name, Color Values in Textbox and Color Shade in GridView.

Office SuiteVersion: VB 2008
Author: Seth CaudillSubmitted: 4/4/2009Downloads: 6453
This is the first application that I have ever created so please if you can make it better please send me the better copy. It has an audio player, text editor, paint program, web browser. Some of these were inspired from other applications from here.

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