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Author: 2/15/2010Downloads: 4147
It's an application which calculates GPA, using data grid view.

Notepad in visual basic 6Version: VB6
Author: MR.ATKTSubmitted: 2/14/2010Downloads: 4031
This is mostly complete notepad in visual basic 6.

Advanced Notepad with ControlsVersion: VB 2008
Author: Saad QureshiSubmitted: 2/7/2010Downloads: 3898
It contains all the basic functions such as cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, clear etc.

Battinfo - Battery InfoVersion: VB 2008
Author: S.LinkSubmitted: 2/6/2010Downloads: 3560
This Programm shows the charging status of the laptop battery (accu).

Screen Shot Capture Using (Try,Catch,Finally) Version: VB 2008
Author: Saad QureshiSubmitted: 2/6/2010Downloads: 4046
Captures screen shot. Simple but very helpful for beginners. Hope you will like it. Feedback and suggest at

Advanced Clock With AlarmVersion: VB 2008
Author: Saad QureshiSubmitted: 2/6/2010Downloads: 5330
Alarm clock made using 2008. Helpful for beginners.

Student FormVersion: VB 2005
Author: Osama M.MursleenSubmitted: 1/25/2010Downloads: 8662
Add, update, delete in listbox.

Speller Master Spelling CheckerVersion: VB6
Author: Sheikh AbdullahSubmitted: 12/23/2009Downloads: 3350
Speller Master is a spelling checker for children. Enter word to spell and the program offers possible spelling suggestions.

Open Your Application Through RUN CommandVersion: VB 2008
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 12/6/2009Downloads: 3819
After installing your application, open your application through RUN command given by application name.

Screen CaptureVersion: VB 2005
Author: SC Project Submitted: 11/15/2009Downloads: 4778 screen capture program. Runs in your system tray. Press PrtScrn to capture image. 3 different settings: 1/whole screen 2/active window 3/user selected area of screen.

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