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Create PDF from XLS FileVersion: VB6
Author: Gurshpinder S. DhillonSubmitted: 12/20/2012Downloads: 2153
This code can be use for to create PDF file from Excel file.

File ManagerVersion: C# 2010
Author: RummanSubmitted: 12/10/2012Downloads: 1679
File Manager is an application that sorts the files on computer system. It works on the basis of the file extensions, through which it sorts the files. The basic idea is to move the files into a subdirectory created in the directory listed by the user. ...more>>

C# file reader and word count Version: C# 2010
Author: Mr.RathoreSubmitted: 11/28/2012Downloads: 1097
This program reads a and performs file word count.

VB.NET Project Code Line Counter/WatcherVersion: VB 2010
Author: CraigSubmitted: 10/6/2012Views: 4413
Simple little app that counts and watches the source files for the lines of code and ads them up and writes them to a temp text file. Teaches how to read files and write files in

Create PDF from vbVersion: VB6
Author: GURSHPINDER S. DHILLONSubmitted: 9/1/2012Downloads: 3310
Program to create PDF file from VB6.

SWF Player + DownloaderVersion: VB 2010
Author: Skillsa2/Lama_DiscoSubmitted: 8/14/2012Views: 5821
This is an Simple code on how to make an swf player in Visual Basic 2008 / 2010. Its also includes an inbuild SWF Downloader so you can download swf files.

Notepad Software with security to file systemVersion: VB 2008
Author: Bhushan K PawarSubmitted: 6/27/2012Downloads: 2637
In this software you can save a document with any extension also document can be saved as 'system cage' which makes it secured from external file handles and can be readable with 'My notepad' application only... For any queries please provide your repl ...more>>

Trace File Change EventVersion: C#
Author: Kamlesh GuptaSubmitted: 5/4/2012Downloads: 1058
By using this code you can monitor your selected file, if any changes made in this file you will get an event in your application.

Select every Nth Row in Excel using VB.NETVersion: VB 2008
Author: Lalit AcharekarSubmitted: 5/2/2012Downloads: 2453
This program is for users who are trying to automate Excel.

CuBe NotePadVersion: VB 2010
Author: CuBe LabsSubmitted: 1/14/2012Downloads: 2313
This is an advanced notepad with keyboard shortcuts and image pasting. This is one of the programs to be released in CuBe Labs upcoming Express Suite. If you are interested in being one of the programmers involved with this project, please email CuBe Labs ...more>>

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