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Timer ProgramVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: John ZmiaSubmitted: 1/23/2006Downloads: 13513
Having problems using the timer control? This program impliments the timer into a simple program that loops and resets the timer.

Number of days in a MonthVersion: VB6
Author: ShankaSubmitted: 1/16/2006Views: 46572
To get number of days in a month use this one line of code.

Stop WatchVersion: VB6
Author: AhjaudSubmitted: 12/12/2005Downloads: 5323
Simple stop watch.

Get Current ShortDatePatternVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: C.DHAKCHINA MOORTHYSubmitted: 11/18/2005Views: 15422
(GetLocaleInfo in VB) If you want check for the Short Date style in the Regional options you can use this code snippet.

Backup Tool For MS Access for PC drive & NetworkVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan vyasSubmitted: 11/9/2005Downloads: 5544
Backup on native and on Network ' 'similar code was submitted by Mr.H . Bhatnagar ' ' I would like thank him for the code submitted on 'I made made changes to his code and summitting the enhanced version ' ------------------------ ...more>>

Digital ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Muhammad RizwanSubmitted: 9/21/2005Downloads: 8197
Digital clock with source code.

Digital Clock Version: VB6
Author: Emad Mohamed ElsaiadSubmitted: 9/13/2005Downloads: 7142
Designed a nice digtal clock by using vb code only.

Stop WatchVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: AdrianSubmitted: 8/13/2005Downloads: 9953
This is a simple stop watch that starts, stops and resets. It runs into the hours.

Latest 200 year CalanderVersion: VB6
Author: Alkesh SoniSubmitted: 7/20/2005Downloads: 5581
This calander displays upto 200 years month and date with time. On opening the calander you can see current system date with the day of the current week with its color.

Simple Leap Year FinderVersion: VB5
Author: VijendranSubmitted: 6/10/2005Downloads: 4504
A very Simple Logic to find if a given year is a Leap Year or not and this project also contains codes for some textbox events.

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