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Dayz leftVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 10/24/2010Downloads: 2677
Check how many days/weeks left in a year.

Previous or Next Date Search From DatabaseVersion: VB 2005
Author: Arindam GhoshSubmitted: 5/3/2010Downloads: 6534
It is a useful concept for all real life project worker. If any one want to search any record 2 days after or before from the present day or else how will be that possible without the help of sql query. Watch the tricks in this project. If any perso ...more>>

Time Interval ControlVersion: C#
Author: Yoni CourielSubmitted: 4/13/2010Downloads: 2717
This control can be used when the user needs to enter a time interval as an input. The code demonstrates usage of regular expressions, and attributes such as DefaultEvent and EditorBrowsable.

Stop WatchVersion: VB 2008
Author: Raja Muhammad Ramzan (Raj)Submitted: 2/10/2010Downloads: 4083
A Simple Stop Watch Code, Using System.TimeSpan. I hope you will enjoy it.

PC Auto off SystemVersion: VB6
Author: Noor Mohammad BABUSubmitted: 1/26/2010Downloads: 4275
PC Auto off System.

ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Sheikh AbdullahSubmitted: 1/4/2010Downloads: 5920
The fist wording clock in the world. Displays the time with both numbers and words.

Alarm ClockVersion: VB 2008
Author: Sandip GhoshSubmitted: 12/28/2009Downloads: 5248
It's an alarm clock coded in VB 2008.

CronometerVersion: VB 2008
Author: Alex OtelaruSubmitted: 9/10/2009Downloads: 3663
A Cronometer with start, stop, reset, split and save split to text file functions.

gTimePicker- Control to pick a Time Value (VB.NET)Version: VB 2008
Author: ssdiver2112Submitted: 8/29/2009Downloads: 4192
Stop using the DateTimePicker for Time values this control makes it easy to pick a Time v-1.3

Digital ClockVersion: VB 2008
Author: Oneil DrummondSubmitted: 7/22/2009Downloads: 8056
Demonstrates the easy steps to code a digital clock that tells you your time in digital format.

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