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Alarm Clock V 2.0Version: VB 2010
Author: Milad ZohraviSubmitted: 3/2/2012Downloads: 3384
Alarm clock.

Alarm ClockVersion: VB 2010
Author: ArJun AroraSubmitted: 12/15/2011Downloads: 3374
Unzip it and copy this whole folder in ur "c:\" drive. Two modes are there 1.quick alarm, 2. manual. A good application to know about picture box, timers and many other controls... hope it will help beginners :)

CalendarVersion: VB 2010
Author: Atish AmteSubmitted: 11/12/2011Downloads: 3956
Calendar utility.

Sleep TimerVersion: VB6
Author: Anshul JainSubmitted: 6/29/2011Downloads: 3195
This application is used to shutdown your pc when you are sleepy. Just set the time and it will automatically shutdown at that time. It's also helpful for beginners to understand the concept of time comparison, shell script and use of "Mask control" ...more>>

StopWatchVersion: VB 2010
Author: Harish MohananiSubmitted: 3/4/2011Downloads: 3095
This is stopwatch with storing last lap feature. Hope you will like it.

Alarm ClockVersion: VB 2008
Author: Herbert N Swearengen IIISubmitted: 2/11/2011Downloads: 4864
Not your father's alarm clock. This alarm clock starts with Windows and runs in the Notification Area as an icon. It features two alarms that can be set separately to alarm each day at the same time or once on a specific date and time. The alarm sound can ...more>>

Alarm ClockVersion: VB 2008
Author: Jack MareeSubmitted: 2/1/2011Downloads: 3045
This alarm clock will read the date and time when you click on it. It will read a message when the alarm gos off or it will play MP3s.

Calendar MakerVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 1/20/2011Downloads: 4678
You can create your own calendar.

Calendar - C#Version: C#
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 11/16/2010Downloads: 2409
Update of C# calendar. Fixed: Incorrect date when using other regions.

CalendarVersion: VB 2008
Author: Mangciphu ZolaSubmitted: 11/15/2010Downloads: 3442
Update of vb calendar. Fixed: Incorrect date when using other regions.

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