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Gradient ButtonVersion: VB 2010
Author: Yasser AhmedSubmitted: 6/13/2010Downloads: 4000
This is a cool custom control button with 3 shapes (Rectangle, Circle, Triangle and rounded rectangle), gradient colors, 10 text style( Engrave, embosse,block, reflect, and more), image, rotated image, animated image. Free to use for personal use not comm ...more>>

Action Taker For MoviesVersion: VB6
Author: AbdulwahabSubmitted: 6/10/2010Downloads: 2238
My name is Abdulwahab. I am a software developer. Recently I have developed an Action Taker For Movies.

Visal Histogram ControlVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Visal .InSubmitted: 5/25/2010Downloads: 2495
Visal: Histogram might not be the best .NET histogram custom, but it is very flexible histogram control that allow user to customize almost on every aspect of its look.

Sort Datagrid in any Column using 1 line of CodeVersion: VB6
Author: Kenneth LinchSubmitted: 5/10/2010Views: 14814
This code will sort the datagrid in ascending order. This is so simple and easy to use and better benefits, just 1 line of code you can sort any column.

reOrderable DnD listview / listbox Version: VB 2005
Author: SC ProjectSubmitted: 5/1/2010Downloads: 3332
reOrderable DnD listview / listbox. Updated version with cursor effects. Written in vb2005.

Global Control ValidatorVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Saroj GajrajSubmitted: 2/11/2010Downloads: 2860
This code will help you in validation and saves your time. You can use this global validator rather then validating each control in every form. You can also create an .dll file and import it where ever you need it.

Datagridview customization in vb.netVersion: VB 2008
Author: Ahmed Said Al MashaikhiSubmitted: 2/10/2010Downloads: 7582
A lot of questions on the net about datagridview customization. In this project we show how to display icon and text in the cell with some techniques in OOP and

Threaded Animated InProgress ControlVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Luke HandySubmitted: 12/19/2009Downloads: 4050
When you've got a long process in your program and you want to display an animation to show that your program didn't hang, an InProgress control is a good option. This particular one is a class object so it compiles with your EXE file so you don't have to ...more>>

Marquee controlVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Christiaan BaesSubmitted: 12/16/2009Downloads: 4330
This is a marquee control. I found several on the net but none that did the job perfectly. This one goes updown, leftright, downup, rightleft. It uses the systsem.threading.timer and it uses an array of elements to fill it up wich each have their own font ...more>>

Treeview ExampleVersion: VB6
Author: Robert PierceSubmitted: 9/13/2009Downloads: 5267
Treeview control example showing how to add, delete, load, save and print data in a treeview control. I made this for a quick database showing the songs recorded on audio CDs. R. Pierce

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