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How to make content of RichTextBox unselectableVersion: VB6
Author: Yash BhardwajSubmitted: 4/8/2008Views: 10897
In many situations, if you want to display some text in your application and side-by-side you want to prevent the user from copying the content. One way to implement this use label, but label do not support the formatting of the text and RTF formats. So i ...more>>

Editing MSFlexGrid in vb6Version: VB6
Author: Gaurish SalunkeSubmitted: 4/5/2008Views: 24725
As you all know that by default we cannot write in MSFlexgrid. In order to edit the records in MSFlexgrid we need to explicitly write a code. This is how it works. We drop a text box on the form. Now whenever we click on any of the cells in the gri ...more>>

AutoCompleteVersion: VB6
Author: Raymond PinionesSubmitted: 1/28/2008Downloads: 5698
This user control features an autocomplete textbox feature by utilizing a combobox control and this project also adds an effect when the user closes the form.

Outlook 2K7 Navigation PaneVersion: VB6
Author: FauzieSubmitted: 1/18/2008Downloads: 3902
This Control will put an Outlook 2007 Navigation Pane to your application.

Visual Studio 2005 Style ToolBoxVersion: VB6
Author: FauzieSubmitted: 1/18/2008Downloads: 4695
Visual Studio 2005 Style ToolBox.

Visual Basic 2005 Power PacksVersion: VB 2005
Author: Scott LysleSubmitted: 1/16/2008Downloads: 6211
Using the VB Power Packs.

Auto Resize Glass Effect Meaasge BoxVersion: VB 2005
Author: Gehan FernandoSubmitted: 11/12/2007Downloads: 7526
Auto Resize Glass Effect Message Box.

Easy Progress barVersion: VB6
Author: KARUPPANNAN Seevadassen (Meven)Submitted: 11/9/2007Downloads: 5888
This is my first VB 6 application that i am uploading @ Hope beginners in VB 6 will like it! I am planning to upload more VB 6 apps (Database ADO Control) in the next coming month. Please leave comments at my website listed. Thanks and do t ...more>>

DataGridViewVersion: VB6
Author: Omar AbidSubmitted: 10/29/2007Views: 47152
Tutorial About Data Grid View.

RVB ColorVersion: VB 2005
Author: Capart DanielSubmitted: 8/23/2007Downloads: 4348
Correspondence of colours by using cursors ScrollBar and references RVB with ProgressBar.

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