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Code LibraryVersion: VB6
Author: Jamal 331Submitted: 9/1/2003Downloads: 16509
An excellent Visual Basic module that contains more than 100 functions and has more than 2000 lines of code.

Add a background to your VB formsVersion: VB5
Author: Aris BuenaventuraSubmitted: 8/5/2003Downloads: 8692
Here's a simple program that let's you add background designs in your VB. I used API so that the program will run fast.

Win32 tooltips for windowless controlsVersion: VB4
Author: 10Tec CompanySubmitted: 7/26/2003Downloads: 6734
The problem with Win32 tooltips is that you can attach it only to a control that provides the hwnd property returning the Win32 handle of the control. The following trick allows you to create real Windows tooltips for VB intrinsic controls which do not ha ...more>>

User Dsn For Access Through VBVersion: VB6
Author: MkpandeymscSubmitted: 7/24/2003Views: 22008
This can create new User DSN for MS Access Database through VB. This is usefull in Crystal Report etc. Take a form, put a Commond button on it and copy this code and declaration to the form's code window.

Visual Basic - MySQL API DriverVersion: VB6
Author: Jeff JohnsonSubmitted: 7/22/2003Downloads: 10848
Visual Basic API for connecting to MySQL databases. Please read the Readme.txt file before running.

Multiline tooltips to ListView itemsVersion: VB4
Author: 10Tec CompanySubmitted: 7/11/2003Downloads: 9992
The attached code demonstrates a technique you can use to create multiline balloon tooltips for ListView items. The code is based on the following simple idea. In the MouseMove event you need to check the index of the item under the mouse pointer, and if ...more>>

IP/HOST Name ResolverVersion: VB5
Author: ShuvroSubmitted: 7/9/2003Downloads: 8191
It resolves IP addresses.

Free up disk space by deleting local url cache...c...Version: VB6
Author: Mayur KotlikarSubmitted: 7/3/2003Downloads: 6070
Free up disk space by deleting local url cache...cookies.

This application shows how to display a progress b...Version: VB6
Author: Mayur KotlikarSubmitted: 6/27/2003Downloads: 7562
This application shows how to display a progress bar inside a list view.

This application can be used get the associated ic...Version: VB6
Author: Mayur KotlikarSubmitted: 6/25/2003Downloads: 5862
This application can be used get the associated icon of any .exe file.

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