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vbComCtl - Replacement for MS common controls Version: VB6
Author: LukeSubmitted: 7/19/2005Downloads: 8854
Your GUI dream come true. 20 useful usercontrols to replace MS common controls 1, 2, and 3, the richedit and masked edit libraries, plus nice looking popup menus and a CC 6.0 friendly replacement for VB.Frame.

XPSpinnerVersion: VB6
Author: Mukesh PatelSubmitted: 6/26/2005Downloads: 5644
Enjoy this DownNDirty XPspinner.

BlueZip - XP and Me zip ocxVersion: VB6
Author: E HouseSubmitted: 6/24/2005Downloads: 7078
XP and Me zip ocx. This ActiveX was designed for use with Windows XP and ME Compressed (zipped) Folders. It allows for easy zipping, unzipping and password protection by using the functions built into Windows XP and ME.

Automatic resizable Calculator componentVersion: VB6
Author: deepak raiSubmitted: 6/23/2005Downloads: 5916
It is a calculator active-x control. Button and screen automatically resizes as the form resize.

Multi-purpose TexBox Version 1.0Version: VB6
Author: Amol DharkarSubmitted: 6/20/2005Downloads: 6907
Mulit-purpose TEXTBOX Version 1.0 --------------------------------------------------- By setting styleType property of this custom TextBox control user can validate: a) Default - Textbox (Visual Basic default) b) Alphabeats with or without space ...more>>

Analog ClockVersion: VB6
Author: Ghaffar NagafpourSubmitted: 6/7/2005Downloads: 9384
Very Cool Desktop Analog Clock. Please Check it!

Base Address WizardVersion: VB6
Author: Johan BadenhorstSubmitted: 4/17/2005Downloads: 4071
A Base Address Wizard to help you with Base Addresses.

mrp-smart-textboxVersion: VB6
Author: Manas Ranjan PradhanSubmitted: 4/15/2005Downloads: 6413
THIS DYNAMIC TEXTBOX WHICH HAS THE PROPERTY LIKE - UPPERCASE (While typing it will convert the character to uppercase) - LOWERCASE (While typing it will convert the character to Lower case) - TITLECASE (Convert first letter of each word to Title Case) ...more>>

Good Progress Bar ( in a Ocx Control)Version: VB6
Author: Raul Banda RoanSubmitted: 3/25/2005Downloads: 8984
A Progress bar control and a File Showing how to install OCX control in windows You can use this control in your Visual Basic aplications, or any aplication where you can add an Activexcontrol i dont have to prove control in other visual basic but if you ...more>>

Gaurav Progress BarVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 3/21/2005Downloads: 5404
This is a progress bar as available with MS Common Control 6.0.

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