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 All submissions by: "rspercy60"

C#, VB API ViewerVersion: VB 2008
Author: rspercy60Submitted: 10/16/2011Downloads: 4185
You can select, copy and paste all selected api's as Private or Public in C# or VB to your application. If you select an api Sub, Function,Constant, or Structure, that is already selected, it will let you know with a message box stating this fact.

Personal Contacts RolodexVersion: VB 2008
Author: rspercy60Submitted: 10/12/2011Downloads: 2927
Run As Admin. You must add contacts for this to work. Do not scroll or press any tabbed buttons. You must have at least 1 entry for each letter of the alphabet or you will get run time exceptions thrown at you. All entrys should look like this, "LastName ...more>>

eBook Reader (txt files only)Version: VB 2010
Author: rspercy60Submitted: 10/9/2011Downloads: 3156
Ebook Reader with a few nice functions.

Code Converter C# to VB to C#Version: VB 2010
Author: rspercy60Submitted: 9/26/2011Downloads: 4799
Convert C# to VB and VB to C#. Does whole files only.
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