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 All submissions by: "mahesh"

Vertex Mesh DeformationVersion: VB6
Author: maheshSubmitted: 9/16/2009Downloads: 2515
Vertex Mesh Deformation is required for mesh preservation during bending of character arms, legs, facial animation, cloth animation, etc.

VB/Access database applicationVersion: VB6
Author: maheshSubmitted: 11/20/2004Downloads: 12996
This is small database application with designer interface. I hope it will give an idea of database programming and designing good looking interfaces.

Now it's allTrimVersion: VB5
Author: maheshSubmitted: 7/13/2004Downloads: 4797
We sometimes use LTrim and RTrim to format a text string. But what if the sentence contains more than one space between two words. Especially in a person's name, we want exactly one space between the first name, middle name and last name of the person. ...more>>

a simple web browser applicationVersion: VB6
Author: maheshSubmitted: 6/1/2004Downloads: 4811
This is a simple browser using web browser control incorporated from project menu - components which utilizes IE engine. Tt browses both offline and online web pages.
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