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 All submissions by: "Verburgh Peter"

NETWATCH V2.1 : Measure real time your network , i...Version: VB5
Author: Verburgh PeterSubmitted: 9/21/2001Downloads: 20335
NETWATCH V2.1 : Measure real time your network , internet connections speed (ethernet , adsl , modem) (incl localhost). It will be displayed by analoge meters or digital meters. It will show an icon in systray. Try it out !!

TCP-IP Datalook V1.4 -------------------- View...Version: VB4
Author: Verburgh PeterSubmitted: 7/27/2001Downloads: 11222
TCP-IP Datalook V1.4 -------------------- View the data between client & server socket. Support multiple protocol adaptors. With this application you can see the data between a client program example mirc, email(pop), dc..ect. and the server. You c ...more>>
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